Routine for Radiance

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Every skin issue I have suffered has for me become a blessing in disguise, as it has enabled me to explore nature’s avenues for an answer. In my twenties, as my gluten and dairy intolerances became heightened, my skin’s dryness, redness, sensitivity and breakouts became larger concerns than ever before. And now, even at age 36 they plague me. But that does not mean that just a few years from 40 my skin is not today radiant, youthful, clear and glowing. It just means that I need to treat it as it begs, treat it with gentle, loving, kindness.

My current routine has taken years of practice to find, but my pores are invisible, my wrinkles refuse to form, dryness gives way to nature’s soft embrace, and breakouts quickly fade when treated with respect. I truly care for my skin, and it shows. I care for yours too, and I am here to help.

Just as the ocean’s salty waters are known for their healthy dose of mineral magic, so too are a tiny dollop of essential oil infused Dead Sea Salts in warm water, carefully compressed for the kindest means of exfoliation, grounding, and melting away of skin’s daily stresses.

Mango butter is truly nature’s magic. It is a tricky ingredient to work with though. Susceptible to temperature, it easily separates, and loses effectiveness. But I carefully warm and cool it to a creamy perfect blend, and infuse it with essential oils in the solace of a moon-charged agate mortar and pestle, and it becomes your skin’s best of friends.

Age Prevention
Just as food is medicine to the body, so too are nature’s own essences, the essential oils of plants, which I’ve carefully infused into highly-absorbable kukui and sea buckthorn oils to create luxe serums that can be used alone or blended in your palm with a dollup of creamy mango butter.

Acne Treatment
Acne is a call for love. It is your skin saying it’s upset, and needs some special attention. Drying, astringent, harsh products strip the skin and cause oil’s overproduction. But gentle, soothing, oil, clay, salt and essential oil blends can address acne in a gentle, soothing, restorative way. Even ridding the back of your arms of those pesky bumps.

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