Balance & Relationships 7.4″


7.4″ Balance & Relationships Bracelet

  • Sage and Selentite Cleansed
  • Moonlight and Kundalini Meditation Charged
  • High Vibration Natural Crystals
  • 6mm Stones
  • Elastic Bracelets to Balance Emotions and Chakras

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Balancing yin and yang energies, cleanses auric field, strengthens sight, balances emotional and physical bodies, transmutes negative energy. Chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown


Heartfelt communication, healthy boundaries, expression of grief, pacifies aggression, relationships, expression of one’s true self. Chakras: heart and throat.


Prosperity and abundance, starting new business ventures, courage, confidence, creativity, willpower, follow-through, perfect health and wellbeing, vitality, metabolism, sex drive, protective, deflects danger. Chakras: solar plexus.

Colors and sizes may vary in person due to natural composition of the stones. In time, the elastic may eventually pop with wear. If it does, just mail back remaining stones, and we will add up to 10 missing stones and restring and return.


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