GFB Fear Meditation

Yesterday, while reading a nearly century old book, a thought occurred to me. I was so afraid of realizing hopes and dreams in my current life, because I was still seeing life through a lens of fear. The loss of my father, divorce from my partner, closing of my business, it all adds up to now in the most perfect of ways, and so I know it’s time to stop being afraid to be happy, because of any potential impending loss that may follow. Loss will occur anyway, and it is not how I want my life defined. Love, life, dreams realized, that is how I want to spend my moments.

As a result, I have a sweet little meditation to share with you that will help replace thoughts of fear with thoughts of love and joy.

fear transmuting meditation

This will only take a few minutes & I promise, it’s worth it.
Lie or sit down.
Be gentle. Allow comfort to set in.
Close or soften your eyes.
Allow the corners of your mouth to rise + widen in a gentle smile.


Imagine a sparkling white light immersing your entire being in love, healing, positive attraction.

Allow it to dissolve feelings, thoughts, pains that are not in your highest perfect good.
Allow it to fill you with the bliss of all that is for your highest good. Imagine all of your passions, dreams, goals coming into being.
Allow any visions to appear. Embrace them. Allow the bliss.

Notice the feelings of great happiness past, present or future coming up.

Release any hurts or losses you associate with them. The joy did not cause the pain. Allow the joy.
The joy can exist. Release + heal any connection between joy & pain.

All is well. All is well.

There is no pain, just change. Just growth. There is only joy. There is always joy.

Bask in the light as long as you like & allow it to raise your point of attraction to pure joy. You deserve joy. You are allowed to live in joy.


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