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fear transmuting meditation

GFB Fear Meditation

Yesterday, while reading a nearly century old book, a thought occurred to me. I was so afraid of realizing hopes and dreams in my current life, because I was still seeing life through a lens of fear. The loss of my father, divorce from my partner, closing of my business, it all adds up to […]

choose vision

I Choose What I See

This weekend some of life’s uncertainties pulled at me. Bouts of loneliness as a new love faded set it. Questions of futures, and goals, and decisions haunted. And so I prayed. I lately have become more and more accustomed to praying aloud. I pray to God, to the Universe, to my guides, my angels, to […]

GFB Love

GFB Wallpaper

I am blissfully accepting the many wonderful side effects of incorporating daily meditation into my life and thus LOVE is in my heart and on my mind. For the first time ever I am sharing a special one of my own crystal pictures in case you might love to use it as your phone’s wallpaper […]

Wine Not?

I enjoy a nightly glass of wine (or two, okay, definitely two) as much as the next girl. But at times I do get a bit paranoid about the long term effects on rock star organs like my liver and kidneys. And since balance is in fact a best practice for just about all of […]

gluten free beauty magic

Happiness Matters

A couple of years ago a particular TED talk had a profound impact on my life. I wanted something different from the life I had, but eventually gave into the idea that perhaps there were in fact ways to make it better even if not yet different. My search had led me to Shawn Achor’s […]

GFB Rituals

Morning Rituals

Many of the people who I find the most inspiring recommend daily rituals. Tim Ferris is big on writing and meditation, Louise Hay on self talk and affirmations, Tony Robbins on breath of fire and gratitude, Ayurveda as a whole on tongue scraping and oil pulling, all great practices, and all open to your own discernment. […]