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  • Things Learned

    I long to share my secrets with all lost souls. I wish I could help each sweet self who is lost and looks desperately. What I would say is this: 1.       I know what two things in my life bring me the most joy. I am not talking about everything I can conjure up as […]

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  • Love in the Air

    With challenging New Year’s Resolutions under our belts and Valentine’s Day on the horizon, what we all need now is a little bit more love. We are so pleased to launch a new product this January, our Heart & Chakra Balancing Salts. Rich Dead Sea Salts infused with clay and essential oils to open the […]

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  • Lafes Dry Shampoo Review

    A Dry Shampoo I Love

    For ages I hoped to hop on the dry shampoo bandwagon. All the reasons not to wash my hair daily were appealing, but my hair is fine, and by 5pm would begin showing oil-inflicted signs of lifelessness. I was fast-talked into purchasing more fancy spray cans of alcohol-laden, fragrance-ridden dry shampoo than I care to admit. But […]

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